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Cadet Orientation Flights

The goal of the Cadet Orientation Flight Program is to help America continue its aerospace supremacy by using cadet flight experiences to increase cadets’ comprehension of and enthusiasm for STEM topics. 

The program’s motto describes what cadet flying is all about: “Safe, Fun, Educational.”
Flying’s Place in Cadet Life.  Orientation flights are a capstone event in the cadet’s overall aerospace experience. Cadet aerospace includes at least three major components. First, cadets learn about aviation basics by studying the Aerospace Dimensions modules and completing achievement tests to  advance through the overall CAP Cadet Program. Second, local aerospace education officers enrich this learning through experiential activities where cadets use CAP Stem Kits and AEX activity guides. And  finally, orientation flights place cadets in the cockpit, where the aviation fundamentals they learned about through their textbooks and classroom activities come to life in an exciting way

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