New Vehicle - New Mission

posted Feb 26, 2017, 9:49 AM by Robert Ditch
While hanging out at the Squadron you may have noticed that our Civil Air Patrol van has grown a nose. Really???  No, not really; it is actually a new 8-passenger van, recently assigned, that not only sports a Very High Frequency (VHF) radio, but also a long-range High Frequency/Automatic Link Establisher (HF/ALE) radio for interstate/nation-wide radio networking.  Not only does this offer us continued transportation capabilities but opens up new mission opportunities for us. As a result, the Falcon Composite Squadron 305 will be establishing a Mobile Communications Team (MCT); capable of deploying to remote locations in the state to support both VHF and HF tactical/strategic communications.  This capability may be deployed to support radio relay for aviation and ground team missions, serve as a communications element for a CAP liaison team to search operation, or (during disasters) support remote communications from affected regions. More information will follow for when we will begin the training program; but it will be soon. Members interested must have ICUT and be Mission Radio Operator qualified (we can help you reach those qualifications). HAM radio qualifications are not required, but welcomed.  Larry Westerbeck, our Squadron Communications Officer, will be the lead for recruitment and training for the new MCT. Contact him directly if you are interested. This is an important mission that many squadrons have not been able to support; we will.