Advanced Command & Control Emergency Services (ACES) Academy

posted Feb 26, 2017, 12:05 PM by Robert Ditch
We will be hosting the Wing's third annual Advanced Command & Control Emergency Services (AC2ES - pronounced Aces) Academy. This is now a nationally recognized course/program and it will be held over two weekends; 11-12 March and 8-9 April. I would encourage anyone in our squadron, who has ICS 300, to attend. Dr. Ditch, our Squadron Commander, is the course director, he can offer a waiver to certain individuals who plan on attending an ICS 300 class in the near future. Please let him know ASAP if you are interested and he will enroll you. Classes will run from 0800-1630 on each day in our Squadron Headquarters building. Some fun on-line homework is also assigned to help you develop professionally.