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Welcome to the Falcon Composite Squadron resource website.  Here you will find information, upcoming events, a directory of staff members, and other important resources. If you are interested in becoming a member, requesting support from Civil Air Patrol, or have any other questions, please email, 2nd Lt Dustin Leo, Falcon Composite Squadron 305 Commander, at Dustin.Leo@az305.net.

of the
Day  (UOD) 

1900 to 2100 hrs


Every Tuesday
1900 hrs

Blue CAP Polo/Gray Slacks

The schedule below is a guideline and is subject to change by order of the commander, please refer above for actual activity.

1st Tuesday of the Month - Retreat / Commander''s Call / Drill - Uniform: Blues
2nd Tuesday of the Month - Physical Training - Uniform: PT gear
3rd Tuesday of the Month - Aerospace Education - Uniform: BDU/ABU
4th Tuesday of the Month - Character Development / Promotion Boards - Uniform: Blues
5th Tuesday of the Month - Squadron activity 

1st Tuesday of the Month - Retreat / Commander's Call  at 1900 / Staff meeting at 2000
2nd Tuesday of the Month - Professional Development or one-on-one training (by appt)
3rd Tuesday of the Month - Operations Training Focus (all Seniors)
4th Tuesday of the Month - Building and grounds clean up (no uniform required)
5th Tuesday of the Month (where applicable) - Open Forum - Professional Development

3rd Saturday of the Month - Wing Operations Exercise or Squadron Level Training/Exercise (all Seniors and Cadets that are available).



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Falcon Composite Squadron Announcements.  


Squadron Events (Includes Internal, External, and events up to Wing Level).

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Falcon Composite Squadron Staff Directory (Please remember to follow your Chain of Command). 

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Documents and Links to Manuals, Regulations, Pamphlets, and other important information/resources.

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Contact your Chain of Command. Automatically sends message through appropriate persons. Use for most/all general inquiries.